I CAN project is a project aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills of the African youth in an innovative and interactive way by bringing international volunteers to African to train our youths on soft skills to give them an entrepreneurial perspective on start-up processes. In this Project the facilitators/intern will provide trainings, seminars, events and business games on Leadership and Entrepreneurship to activate the students’ skills to start being leaders and entrepreneurs. This project will give the opportunity to volunteers to live a unique experience while teaching and creating young entrepreneurs which also gives them a chance to develop their leadership potential through teaching their knowledge about business. Classes will be held in English language by volunteers. As a developing country, it is extremely important for Africa to have a generation of leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset able to boost the economy of the country. The Framework The project will be held within communities. Each training/ seminar/ business game will be at a specific time in which students will be able to participate. Each week there will be 3 or more different training. These training, seminars, workshop or event will be held throughout the week in the university. Objectives – To expose opportunities of social entrepreneurship and equip the youth with the skills needed to explore this field, – To provide the youth with international network, – To provide the youth with leadership skills and transform them to job creators than job seekers.

The main target groups for this project are the young people regardless of the discipline of their studies.


We need interns from various corners of the world who have Business school background. They will be giving trainings and seminars for the youths to develop their entrepreneurial knowledge and skill. They will- – Create different exercises and assignments that would develop their entrepreneurship skills and deliver it to trainees – Track and consult the trainees in and out of session. – Prepare different activities like business computations and case studies to facilitate and evaluate the learning of the trainees Skills gained by trainees after participating in this project Amongst many skills, few of the most important skills that trainees could get from this project are Team Management, Training/ Facilitating skills, Presentation skills, Project Management, Leadership skills, Marketing / Selling s kills, Entrepreneurial mindset, Time management.Year : 2017
Position : President