Objectives of the Organisation

Africa Patriotic Youth Council Movement (APYCM) is interested in Today and Tomorrow Democratic and Decentralized Development (2T3D) for all Africans. We (you and i) will like every African youth to take it as a responsibility to acquire understanding on how things work in the 21st century so that we can build a new lovely, beautiful, attractive, protective and united Africa for all. Africa has all it takes to get financial freedom but yet poverty leads.  We are in the best position to bringing change but we need togetherness to achieve it. It is sadden to see that in a big Continent like Africa, African youth don’t have an institution or organization of theirs that include and involve all Africa countries. We don’t need to depend on our government 100% rather we need to join them with our own opinions and proposals on how to tackle our increasing challenges that our governments seem not to understand. Our brothers and sisters are dying every day due to poverty or while others are taken as slaves because they want to get a better life out of Africa. It is high time we came together and exchange ideas that will eradicate, poverty, conflict and promote development in our communities and Africa at large. If these issues affecting Africa today are not worked on, the generations to come will still face them too.

It is therefore, the desire of this movement to bring up ideas and provide contingent measures to completely eradicate high poverty levels, early marriages, gender inequality, gender discrimination, development stagnation and promote self-reliance in African Youths (in the process to reduce dependence syndrome on government for employment).

Africa Patriotic Youth Council Movement (APYCM) is aimed to form an independent structure which will help to solve African youth problems without necessary hoping or waiting for our governments and also to bring all African youths into an institutional leadership platform. Where we shall be able to physically come together and discuss all issues that have to do with the present and the future of Africa development. We will also fight imperialism, neo-colonialism and the exploitation of Africa resources. We shall work together and come up with lasting solutions to problems affecting African youths dying in the Mediterranean Sea to enslave themselves out of Africa like in Europe and other places. We must make this clear, that this movement is not organized with the view to fight our Africa governments but, rather to support them and see how best we can work with them and seek approval from them (governments) in handling the increasing challenges of youths in Africa