Funding Strategy


We are very confident that through the establishment of Africa Patriotic Youth Council Movement (APYCM) we can surely and possibly transform that theoretical and verbal lecture of united state of Africa into a practical reality.

  1. Established and legalize the APYCMWhen we succeed to advocate for African youth day (AYD) during this day celebration all Africa nations and African-American will through national competition select the best cultural group, best musical group etc. to meet in any host country for final celebrations. Through this repeated activities Africans will start having a common sense of oneness and one love belonging to one Africa. When we shall developed these common feelings an attack on one African /nation will become an attack on all Africans. At this time differences and barriers that have separated us as centuries will become chain and bridges for Africa unity. African youth day (AYD) will play a big important role as our connecting point.
  2. How to get funds for APYCM projects and activities.

African youth day (AYD) will also have a fundraising ceremony program called All African Stars (AAS) like movie, football and music stars and Africa General Supporters (AGS) like churches, organizations and individuals. It is important and sad to note that most African Stars and rich people do not spend their money in Africa. Most of them unjustly spent and invest their money outside Africa, making other continents more economically powerful than Africa, henceforth, making Africa a reserve farming ground for resources and Slaves respectively. Just imagine A musician call a concert poor youth spend their hard end money to go and support him at the end of the concert he makes a million $ the next day he takes a flight to Europe Asia and American spend all the money without thinking to help these people that gave him the money with common drinking water or short term training skills to develop the community.

We extend or seek for help to other well-wisher or funders to come on board and help this movement with either materially or financially, as this will enable this forum to achieve desirable outcomes and contribute to the development of African youths and growth of African economy at large.