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The APYCM wish is that education in a global era should anchor Africans in the security of their cultural background from where they gradually take on the responsibility of creating, in the light of global needs and self-generated sense of direction, communities different from the ones they inherited. So far, schooling and the mass media deepen a sense of alienation in Africans by suggesting that they should be like Westerners, but there are neither resources and avenues nor any need to achieve it. Africa overriding educational challenge is to mold Africa children into an African identity productive citizen who are adept and adaptable to the requirements of a global era. Foundation skills reading, writing, math, science, communication skills, adaptability skills, personal management skills, group effectiveness skills, and influence skills are essential for academic success and adaptation in a global community. For an education system to function properly, it needs infrastructure, classrooms, laboratories, office space and storage facilities, playgrounds and staff accommodation, among others.

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