Cooking Fever Download Free Torrent

Cooking Fever Download Free Torrent

Cooking Fever

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Cooking Fever

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Do you like kitchen games like “Sara Cooking Class”? Then love cooking fever. In this adventure with free basic content and microtransactions, you will be responsible for the treatment of customers fast food restaurant (hamburger, pizza, tacos,). The content is suitable for all observers-they can be played by everyone from children to adults.

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In cooking fever should be a “Live” wave of customers who will ask for all kinds of fast food: burgers, hot lights up as an official must follow the steps required to prepare a meal for each order. For example, to cook burgers you must also put the bread on the plate, the meat in the pan, remove it when it is done (take a lot of time and you will smoke and you need to get rid of it!) and put it in the bread.
Micromanagement skills and rhythm will be the key to success in cooking fever, especially when you get past the level of the tutorial and start meeting many customers at once. Take a long time and customers leave without compensation. Be quick and you will be very happy that you will come directly.
Until now, cooking fever looks like a regular cooking game. What is unique? Two parts: development and management of the Organization.
At the end of the round or the degree of cooking fever, you can invest your money in kitchen utensils better. Improve your frying pan and meat will be done in advance. Buy more roosters and you can store more food, help with recipes. You can choose what you want to improve by breaking one of the game types of damnation: linear development.
After completing a few rounds, the game will allow you to invest money to improve the look of the restaurant. This component was more strategic than it seems: treat your customers with better quality and stay longer. Again, this part of the game will help you feel like you will be controlling fevers live cooking, not vice versa!

Much patience
Fever is not a free cooking game at 100%, ladies and gentlemen. The title includes a selection of microtransactions to help you improve your equipment quickly or make some progress faster. You can complete cooking without having to pay a high fever, but many times you have to repeat the level to get enough money to improve your equipment. com/2019/01/24/wallpaper-engine-download-free-torrent/”>
You will need a lot of patience.
Cooking a great control fever, I was thankful for the moments of most stress. There’s nothing like I hate more games since I lost my time because the title didn’t realize I wanted to deliver the message to the customer, for example.
Aesthetically, cooking is good and sweet fever even without overloaded color slows action in older devices. Each interactive component is designed so that it is easy to identify when you are in the midst of a cooking frenzy, that’s the most important thing.

Cooking a good zaskoczyłaNas fever. We expect other cooking games and we found the title recognizing that there are currently stagnant species and they need some sort of revolution. Unlike other similar games in Cooking fever you have control over your strategy and how you want to grow. We never thought we’d talk about strategies in kitchen play, but we aim you don’t expect to read this request either.


Cooking Fever

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