The Africa Patriotic Youth Council Movement (APYCM) Organizational Structure
Organizational structure shall depend on the APYCM and its projects. The structure shall help define the roles and responsibilities of the members of the department, work group, or organization. It is generally a system of tasks and reporting policies in place to give members of the group a direction when completing projects. The APYCM organizational structure will allow people and groups to work effectively together while developing hard work ethics and attitudes to achieve sustainability, its Board of Directors and senior management from continental level to national level must institutionalize systems that help the organization to think long-term as well as to manage its day-to-day operations. These two tasks must be interlinked and symbiotic.
This document provides guidance and direction on each of these components or structure;
  1. Organizational Identity
  2. Vision; Mission; Values; Branding; Messaging; Strong Leadership. Here the APYCM major target is Africa unity and Africa development.
  3. Financial and Other Systems Administration
  4. Budget; Cash Flow Analysis; Audit; IRS Reporting
  5. Long-Range Strategic Plan
  6. Goals; Objectives; Benchmarks
  7. Long-Range Fund-Raising Plan
  8. Needs and Resource Assessment; Donor Cultivation; Grant Writing
  9. Annual Operational Plan
  10. Objectives, Activities & Timelines; Staffing; Program Needs; Committed Resources
  11. Board Development Plan Needs Assessment; Evaluation; Recruitment; Orientation; Maintenance/Team Building
  12. Staff Development and Organizational Culture
  13. Needs Assessment; Evaluation & Review; Training; Team Building
  14. Communication Department. This department shall take charge of African Youth TV (AY tv) and others social media channel to run and promote all APYCM activities and Africa activities in general.
  15. Campaign Team: The campaign team shall be in charge to develop


    method of sensitization to create a wellness


    all Africans about the existence and objectives of the APCYM. They shall organize


    to pass out information and the important of APYCM. They shall when necessary work with


    department to get the task done.                                                                                                    
  16. Leadership/membership: The leadership shall comprise of Continental executive, member to this must come from all the regions of Africa, such as regional directors of Southern, North, West, East and Centre
    Africa, National executive and local branches.
Africa Patriotic Youth Council Movement (APYCM) shall launch and carry out its activities in accordance to its objectives in the following departments as youth empowerment association or movement.
  • African youth rights advocacy
  • Economic empowerment for African youths
  • Social empowerment for African youths
  • Communication and public relation
  • Data base
    and information
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