Organisation and functions of top board members

Major  Executive Board Members

The following members shall consist of the top brand of the organization (Board members)

President /Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) duties shall be directly aligned to those of the other board members. As the vision bearer, he or she shall have the authority to chair the elections of top executive board members. In his or her capacity, shall ensure the safety and security of all the members of the organization, protecting and ensuring a fair judgment in all activities.

She manages, coordinates and controls all the activities of the association for better realization of the objectives of the organization in all domains and at all times. As the general overseer, he or she shall ratify and negotiate internal and external (continental, national and international) affairs on behalf of the organization. Ensure compliance with the constitution, rules and regulations of the organization, defend and protect members’ rights and ensure the smooth running of the organization.

The Secretary General

Under the authority of the office of the Secretary General elected by the general assembly, shall be responsible for the smooth running of the secretariat working in close collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to meet the association’s objectives.

Shall work closely with the President or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to take care of matters that cut across all internal, external services and the liaison offices. Under the authority of the Secretary-General, shall be in charge of recording, processing, distribution, classification, and monitoring of confidential emails or documents.

Shall organize tasks and movement of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and represent association in all domains and at all levels as deem by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Shall be responsible for the functioning, management and evaluation of all representations and shall define and codify the internal procedure under his control.

The Treasurer

Elected by the general assembly with recommendations from the founder, the treasurer is responsible for the functioning and management of all finances of the organization.

As the main signatory to the organizations’ account, shall record, sign and update all financial affairs and thus receive money from the organization and pay same to the account of the organization within 48 hours.

As the head of the finance department, shall make demands of the organization’s expenses within 7days and present to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for endorsement. Shall during the half-yearly, and end of year, report on the financial expenses of all activities, projects and shall submit financial report for audit control when need arise in the domain of income, expenditure, and shall present projects for financing and motivation.

Directors/ Programs Officer

Under the authority of the Programs Officer, elected by the general assembly, shall oversee, monitor and evaluate all programs and projects of the association from conceptualization to implementation under the general supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Shall take full part in the design and implementation of feasible projects of the association. Shall co-sign all partnership or projects with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) when need be. Shall forward report of all activities within 2days and as soon as 3-5 days immediately after the implementation of each project to the board and or the Chairman.

Shall be responsible for receiving any humanitarian materials and report to the office for onward transmission to the appropriate quarters as stipulated.

Technical Adviser

Under the authority of the Technical Adviser (s), shall provide all technical support and advice needed for smooth functioning of the programs and projects of the association

Shall provide technical input to all programs from Identification, design to implementation so as to ensure better results.

Any member voted out of post of responsibility out of good faith after its mandate, can be call upon by the Founder to join the Technical advisers.

Advisers, Patrons and Matrons

All the good will ambassadors and supporters shall be known as patrons and matrons of the organization and as such, become advisers.

Where the job description is not explained in the constitution the president and executive will assign one to the person in charge.