Membership is open to all Africans and people of Africa descent both present in Africa and out of Africa irrespective of race, color, religion, nationality or language, who have demonstrated in a written application of 300-500 word a positive record of leadership skills showing patriotism to promote youth empowerment and Africa development. All members should not be more than 45years of age

Membership is gained upon a non-refundable registration fee of U.S $10 and every member shall pay an annual subscription due by January of each year of U.S $5 or more depending on the agreement at continental summit and the project for the year. This money must be used with proven record to improving the organization objectives.

There shall be quarterly, bi-annual and annual general meetings to monitor, evaluate, deliberate and plan for the smooth and successful running of the organization as well as the planning for Africa youth day (AYD). Members shall be liable to attend meetings, presentations and or reports per the approved period by the General Assembly.

Meetings shall be chaired by the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is the head of the administrative unit; he or she can however delegate power to any other member of the Executive bench to perform this function. However, the top executive board members shall meet once a month on every first Monday or Saturday of the month to deliberate and evaluate all the affairs of the organization.

Members of the executive board are members who share in the vision and objectives of the association and shall serve for a period of three years renewable thrice or four years renewable once depending on the unanimous decision of the general members before the start of the mandate.

Become a member
Ex-member’s team.

Any ex-executive members with positive track record shall be elected to join the ex-member team of APYCM. They shall be given the opportunity to contribute 10% of proposal for decision making during the annual general assembly board meeting through their representative. 

Loss of membership
  1. If any member willfully resign
  2. If anybody becomes mentally incapacitated
  3. If any member involved in tarnishing the image, dignity and the interest of the organization
  4. Failing to pay the annual subscription of a new year
  5. If any member becomes inactive towards the development of the organization for three or five important meetings without reasonable proves within a year.
  6. If any member misappropriate the organizations money
  7. If any member becomes absent in three (3) consecutive meetings of the general assembly.   If any member violates the rules and regulations of the organization, or disregard the rules of the organization, involve in tarnishing the reputation, image and anti-organizational activities, or involve in anti-activities related to organizational constitution
Regaining membership

Membership can be regained through an apology, re-application, and payment of debts and signing of undertakings with the organization through the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO).