Aims of the organisation

The following are fundamental Aims of Africa Patriotic Youth Council Movement (APYCM)

The APYCM shall independently work out her own Economic and Financial means to;

  1. Developed projects and create jobs in all sectors of life
  2. Advocate for Africa youth Day (AYD)
  3. Display Africa continental history and cultural values on the youth day (Up holding African values, ethics, norms and dignity)
  4. Developed a strong African unity and love
  5. Fight gender inequality and discrimination and ensure gender involvement in decision making process
  6. Eradicate high poverty levels and unemployment
  7. Fight corruption and embezzlement
  8. Fight conflict and terrorism
  9. Create African Youth Bank- financial intermediary, which can empower youths with  business loans and academic funds (AYB)
  10. Create African youth University, to easy access to education and contribute to low levels of illiteracy in youths and the future generation (AYU)
  11. Create African youth television channel, in order to enable youths to express their views, aspirations, talents, grievances, communication, etc.(AYTVch)
  12. Create Development Technical Institute of Science and Technology, to promote technology (AY-DTIST)
  13. The struggle for African youth involvement in all sectors of governance and decision making process
  14. AY African-American integration
  15.  Fight and prevent all manners of diseases (Promote abstinence and zero tolerance to HIV/AIDS pandemic and other cross cutting issues affecting African Youths)
  16. Create AY Construction company, to provide a reliable employment to youths, economically contribute to African industrialism (AYC)
  17. To fight against early marriages and gender based violence, which comes as a result of poverty and poor or no education
  18. Construction AY hospitals known as Africa Modern First Class Hospital (AMFCH) through partnership with best African-American and African- European doctors. This will help retained African money spent abroad by wealthy Africans and African leaders

Plus many more, just to mention a few.