The above Organization is a non-profitable organization born out of a great desire by some African youths to unite together and device means to eradicate Africa’s limitations which has subjected majority of its dwellers to abject poverty and poor health. Such limitations are poverty, Illegal stealing of Africa’s resources, corruption, poor political leadership, increase migration, insecurities etc. The organization comprises representatives from all Africa’s country who fall within the age bracket of a youth as defined by the UNICEF. APYCM is dedicated to rebuilding Africa by engaging and empowering the youths, advocating against environmental inhumane practices by its citizens and foreigners and attracting the necessary bodies who will assist us to ensure that the organizational mission is actualized.


To create unity among Africa’s youths and help build an Africa of our collective desire. *OUR MISSION*: APYCM is dedicated to unite Africa’s youths together, sensitize them on mind liberation, advocate against environmental harms and contribute to Africa’s development.


To create a sense of unity between all Africa’s youths through the initiation of projects that will give each Africa’s country an opportunity to meet and display their identity. * To pioneer and encourage the involvement of the youths to ensure the SDGs is carried out in every Africa. * To sensitize and advocate against the dangers of migration outside Africa especially using illegal means.


APYCM will be having its general meeting once a year in any voted country. * Member country’s coordinator shall be appointed by the overall international body and the appointment will follow suite * member’s commitment in the organizational affairs * member’s activeness in our discussion on the way forward etc.